Free delivery. No extra charges for COD. All over india.


How many days will it take to deliver my order?

Please allow between 07-10 days for your order to arrive. If more than 20 days have passed please email us at  to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary.

What if my order is lost or cancelled?

If the order is cancelled, lost or un-delivered to your preferred location, we will refund the complete order amount including any shipping charges, if paid online.

Will I get full payment back if I return my order?

If you return an order delivered to you, order shipping charges will not be refunded. However if you self-ship your returns, we will reimburse self-shipment charges based on Our's Returns Policy. For accounts whose return behaviour violate our fair usage policy, a delivery charge of Rs. 149 will be levied on all orders, irrespective of order value.

How is my order value calculated?

Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges.